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This chess simulator will help you to master your chess playing skills, to train your intellectual
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6 September 2007

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Chess is a game which is played by two players on the chessboard - specially designed with 64 black and white squares arranged in a manner of eight-by-eight grid. It is counted in the category of world’s most popular games and can be enjoyed playing both at home or in clubs. The player is assigned with 16 pieces individually each containing king, queen, pawns, bishops etc. The main aim of the player in this game is to checkmate opponent’s king. So, keeping the demand of this game in mind, MyPlayCity has designed a truly remarkable game Amusive Chess 2.0.

Chess has always been a part of enjoyment from the ancient times but now with advanced technology, one gets chance to install this game in their computers so that they can enjoy it at any point of time as in this case they would not require any counter player. A specially designed chess simulator helps player to master their skills of playing the game, also trains your intellectual capacity. It does not end only here, as above all it provides a complete entertainment package. In fact it is regarded as one of the best games to sharpen your brain as you would be playing against an artificial intelligence which would be playing the game at it’s best possible strength level. By playing against your personal computer you can sharpen your skills in the lacking areas and make yourself ready for real tournaments. Amusive Chess 2.0 comes up with an attractive interface of chessboard with many options available with it such as one can play his own preferred audio tracks, twist the game board, highlight effects etc during the time of gameplay and so on.

The best part is that user don't have to pay any fees to enjoy this game as it is available at free version and can be easily downloaded. Overall, it’s an interesting game to kill your leisure time and one can spend long hours playing this game. Certainly deserves no less than a score of four and a half rating point.

Publisher's description

Chess is an intellectual game of all times. Now it you can insert it into your PC so that you can play the game whenever you like, with no need of a counterpart player. The chess simulator will help you to master your chess playing skills, to train your intellectual capacity and, above all, give you lots of entertainment. Wreck your brain with this game! It is the most powerful chess simulator available on a personal computer, playing at grandmaster level at its top strength. You can probe you chess playing skills with this simulator and get prepared to chess matches in real life with your friends and acquaintances! Try this brain-twisting game and have fun.
Amusive Chess
Amusive Chess
Version 2.0
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Tanvir Ahmed
Good intellectuality, nice graphics
great game worth of playing ..........and we can learn alot of hidden tactics in chess
Hi Guys its no working shows error message while installing.It shows alert message as below....

"Can`t open file /Temp/is-2SR5M.temp/Toolbar.bmp"
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